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The credit rating is one of the essential figures of having a bank credit under today’s globalizing world conditions. Citizens who want to borrow money from banks due to various needs are subject to certain criteria. These criteria include the requirements to be made during the loan application, the loan conditions of the bank, and the conditions required from the citizen during the loan's return. Especially after the application for a loan has been made, the banks are only looking at records known as credit registers or credit memos to help them understand the conditions at which they can withdraw their credit. A credit memo is a system whereby citizens regularly use certain banking products such as credit, credit cards, checks and denominations that they have already withdrawn, irregularities in repayments and other banking transactions are recorded by the Credit Recording Bureau. The banks will carry out their initial investigations on those who demand credit from them.

There are different criteria while determining credit rating of people or corporations:

  • The repayment performance of used loans in previous periods,
  • Check-note payment information,
  • Monthly income and expense information,
  • The amount of credits to be used,
  • The credit crunch,
  • Monthly installment amounts that need to be paid together are considered together to ensure that the credit repayments are appropriate for the cash flow of the person.

The importance of credit notes on the banks; There are many transactions that are realized by the citizens through the banks. It is necessary to keep a record of some of the arguments, such as when they were made by the citizens, whether the loans were paid regularly, when they were made about credit card charges. Since this system is known as a credit note system, if the bank wishes to have information about the person who has requested the loan, it can reply by examining the transactions there and seeing that there is sufficient success at the point where the note that it has taken is not withdrawn. At this point, both the banks have secured themselves and prevented the withdrawal of the loan, which is difficult to repay.

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