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The American and Australian economies are two of the largest economies of the world today. We can say they have larger trading volume, lower unemployment rates and stronger international market structures. Those kinds of specialties are making them stronger. So, the AUD / USD parity is a major parity today and has a higher trading volume. That’s why thousands of traders are preferring to make buying – selling transactions on this parity all around the world at the last times.

Australian economy is integrated with bigger economic zones like the USA and European Union. Although, they are so far from America and Europa as geographical, they are connecting their financial relationships with developed countries of the world well. We can say it’s the positive side of globalization in world economies recently for the Australia economy.

When we look at the history of AUD / USD parity, we could observe a strong decrease during the 2008 global financial crisis. This crisis caused by mortgage loans, and both American and Australian economies are affected from crisis negatively. Because, the mortgage loans for purchasing houses are so common in this countries. Between 2010-2014, after the crisis of mortgage, the economy had experienced a positive trend and the parity reached 1,07 level. But after 2014, with some conflict conditions of the world, we can observe a negative trend on the parity.

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