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At the last years, the Australian economy is continuing its consistency when compared with the EU economies. Especially, in crisis times on EU zone economies, people reflect their preferences as Asian and Australian parities. So, these parities may be a safe harbor in crisis periods for traders who are making buying – selling transactions on the global forex market. The main reason of it that Australian economy has both integrated and isolated conditions between EU zone economies in different sectors.

We can say the financial conditions of Australian economy makes EUR / AUD a kind of major parity on the global forex market. At the last times, while the unemployment rate is increasing in EU economies and reaching more than 10%, the Australian economy is continuing its 3% trend on unemployment rate. However, the Australian economy has better rates of CPI than the EU zone average, we can observe it makes them stronger against many economies of the world under today’s changing world conditions.

As a result, the parity of EUR / USD is one of the biggest major parities of the world today. The main reason of choosing this parity for trading is stronger conditions of both economic areas. Euro currency has been using from 1999 and has become one of the most important currencies on the global forex market at the last years.

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