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The combined Euro and the British Pound the EUR/GBP parity in the forex market is one of the most important parities of the global forex market. Especially it is preferred to break the power of the American dollar. The value of the parity is depending on the economies of the UK and Great Britain. The breakdown of the times of maximum impact has been felt in the UK economy. The EUR/GBP pair fall in the value of though, is gathered in a short time. Thus, traders in the sector have worked and still continue to bring high profit.

The EUR/GBP pair when the investment is made you must carefully follow the decisions of the European and UK central banks. Monetary and interest rate policies of the currency cause the power to win or lose. This ensures that the parity is changing the course of. At the same time, the state of the country's economy, to understand micro and macro economic data you must consider. The emergence of this data directly affects the positive or negative direction in foreign exchange rates. Finally, we can say EU and UK economies are two of the largest markets of the world, so if you decide to make buying – selling transactions on EUR / GBP parity, you have to determine a good strategy and consider lots of financial data regarding to these markets.

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