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Euro and American Dollar are two of the most popular currencies of the world under today’s conditions. From the output of the Euro up to the present day will lead to the deterioration of the American economy progress in any cutting speed, while the economy of the European Union had the effect of a bomb and continues to do so. Production has slowed in the USA because of this reason and because of that the decline in producer prices, increasing concerns that the recovery in the economy will slow down while the dollar's depreciation has brought together. They were concerned the growth in the economies of the United States, or as a result of such data can be shown. The upward movement of the dollar against the euro caused it to stop rising in this concern. The most recently published Evaluation for the Bank of America who saw it in the nature of the grid this year in the estimated amount of growth has lowered.

In total, there are four main factors. The first of these determines the movement of the Euro against Dollar. The main determinant factor as to this second factor, the United States and the European Central banks that they used to the practice of international market interest rates. The other is real oil prices. The third factor is the structure and the financial situation in Europe and the United States. Finally, the fourth factor, the movements in the prices of the merchandise. So, in total, the four main factors of the euro-dollar parity determines the movement.

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