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Sterling is taking place in the most popular currencies group of world market. After the introduction of the common currency in the European Union, the winner of the title of being the oldest currency invested through the financial markets with a rate fairly high in volume. GBP/USD (British pound – US dollar) parity to have lived after the largest decline in 2008, today observed pretty stable moving structure. For this reason, investors are typically long-term investments performed, is regarded as a reliable investment tool.

The GBP/USD currency structure of the trading of two countries due to the owner's active role in quite a lot affected from the global crisis, and a pair that can experience significant declines. Especially the effects of the 2008 crisis resulted in a significant depreciation of the currency and have been effective on parity prices. In this sense, the stability of global commercial activity act in accordance with the interpretation that the pair significantly can be performed.

Finally, we can say GBP-USD parity is one of the most popular currency pairs in the global forex market. There are millions of traders are making buying – selling transactions on the parity. It’s named as a major parity on the global forex market. Because, it’s affected less than the minor parities from the local or global economic, environmental, conflict and political developments as a price movement.

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