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The concept of NZD / USD parity is one of the most important major parities of the world under today’s market conditions on the global forex market which are traded by traders from different countries all around the world. The New Zealand economy is one of the most consistent economies of the world like the USA economy. Although they are far from thousands of kilometers from America and Europe continents, they provided an integrated financial structure to the biggest economies of the world. On the other hand, the American economy is one of the biggest and strongest economies of the world today with no doubt. The currency pairs of these countries create the NZD / USD parity which is a major parity on forex market.

During the 2008 crisis, the American economy had affected negatively from the mortgage loans problem. But, New Zealand economy affected less than other economies in the USA and EU zone. But after 2008, we could observe a stronger decrease on NZD / USD parity because of negative developments in New Zealand economy additionally to world economy. The parity decreased to 0,5 level from 0,60 level in a month. Of course, this trend was an unexpected decrease on this parity. However, after 2010, the parity started to increase strongly and reached to 0,87 level in 2014 with some positive developments in these economies.

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