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USD/CAD (US dollar – Canadian dollar) in financial markets by investors, especially in times of crisis to preserve the stable structure due to high volume in a ratio is a pair of investments. The strong structure of the Canadian economy can be shown as the main reason for this situation. Unemployment rates in the country and interest rates are quite low within a certain standard of determination, strengthening the country’s economy during the global financial crisis quite successfully and make it possible for you to get through its quite.

The Canadian economy is based significantly on the supply of raw materials. Therefore, after a change in the prices of raw materials, USD/CAD parity can experience significant price fluctuations. Investors performs investment through the use of parity, in this sense, the employment data in the country, interest rates, and descriptions closely follow the price of raw materials, to achieve higher profit margins from the investments will be through that parity is an important factor.

Another important criterion that is effective parity prices, commercial activities between Canada and the United States. A large portion of Canada's exports to the United States when it is performing accordingly, significant price movements may lead to a glitch on parity in trade relations. Finally, we can say these two currencies are two of the strongest currencies of the world, because they belong to the most successful economies like America and Canada economy under today’s world conditions.

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