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Especially, in crisis times of global markets, the major currency pairs are preferred by traders from different countries all around the world under today’s globalized world conditions. Due to the general nature of parity, we can say that it is a safe pair. In particular, the global crisis, in times of chaos and turmoil, is seen as investing in gold as a safe harbor. In this period trading volume is increasing highly. In the forex market, USD/CHF is a feature you can benefit from making an investment in high volume.

As well known, the Swiss economy is one of the world's most powerful and robust economies. At the same time, gold reserves, is one of the countries with the highest. Because of this feature, making trading on USD/CHF parity, will be useful to keep up to changes in gold prices. Changes in gold prices as a result of fluctuations in the value of the parity are observed. The Swiss Franc by investors when investing with makes a comment by watching the price movements of gold.

Finally, the consistent trend of American economy and lower unemployment rates of Swiss economy is providing the feature of safe harbor for the traders who are making buying – selling transactions on the global forex market. Although if markets are living the worst times, the parity can protect its trend a bit than the others.

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