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The Hong Kong is one of the most important free trade areas of the world which is depended to China. We can say, Hong Kong has become a popular trade and business center of the world at the last years, so millions of people prefer there for their commercial activities. Hong Kong Dollar is the currency of this country. With the parity of USD / HKD, they have become an important major parity on the global forex market.

As being a single of the world’s best appealing free-market economies for international investment, the past colonial outpost is significantly determined by global transaction and capital. Hong Kong is a respected introducing cushion for global organizations wanting to insert or leave the Chinese mainland, and also the incomes are extremely associated with those of China, irrespective of Hong Kong’s ideal endeavors to stay a unique, laissez-faire financial system.

The fluctuation has been continuing on USD / HKD parity for many years. For example, at the end of August - October 2008, the parity decreased to 7,75 from 7,80. It was not a big trend change, but we can say the mortgage crisis on the USA economy affected different parities negatively. After 2009, we could observe lots of increasing – decreasing trends on USD / HKD parity, so it means this parity has a fluctuated trend from past to today.

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