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The frequently heard in the stock market "bull" and "bear" in terms of their expectations about the future of various sectors in the market specifies the direction. Bear and bull market trends that determine the future trend direction of financial markets everyone who wants to invest in involve. If you want to succeed in the forex, you should know the impact of these trends and must perform their operations accordingly.

In a bear market, defends the downward move of market prices. So, full is in a state of pessimism and panic. Experienced traders determine the direction the market will move in the future using analysis techniques. Accordingly, if a bear trend in prices (decrease) on behalf of the sales process not to damage they do. Also, when prices fall, again, technical analysis is the method of using investment vehicles to be valued in the future, low prices.

A bull market is the opposite of bear market. So, it is argued that prices will rise. The market is dominated by the optimistic approach. Rising prices, meets your expectations, you can achieve a higher gain by applying the purchase process.

As a result, investors are pessimistic with the thought of the bear market panic air in the sales positions open. Traders are taken with the idea of optimistic bull market-way positions are created. According to the direction of the trend of the market in these transactions, a vicious cycle continues as before.

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