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Everything can be traded as commodity on the global forex market. Millions of traders from different countries all around the world are making buying – selling transactions.  We can say crude oil, gold, silver, copper, lead, platinum, wheat, corn, soybeans, cotton, coffee, sugar, coal are preferred as commodity, raw material or article, everything is called like a commodity and value determined by the consumer, unique and a tremendous amount that may be subject to mining and trade, minerals, energy, food, agriculture, livestock and emission products, etc..

Commodities serve as a safe harbor especially for investors in times of financial crisis. Economic crises and political uncertainties are extremely risky in cases such as foreign exchange trading. Also of interest to investors when the return is low in this period, the more secure they tend to commodities. Commodity prices are influenced by factors which can be estimated easily. According to the changes in interest income and only bring the prices they do not have earning. The balance of risk in the portfolio is on behalf of a highly reliable investment.

Finally, we can say the concept of commodity trading is operating to get profit from the global forex market like other markets. So, there is a special difference of commodity market from other. Obviously, recognizing the commodities is one of the most important points, because the special conditions of any commodity will affect your trading process. You should study your lesson well on the forex market.

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