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Copper has become one of the most important commodities on the global forex market at the last years. Copper is mining in many different regions of world like Chile, China, the USA and West Africa. Chile and the United States largest copper reserves will be depleted within the next 50 years.

Copper as an investment tool on the global forex market is one of the tools that have relationship with economic growth. It has widespread use in industries such as telecommunications and construction industry. The world's largest copper producer is Chile. After Chile the second largest producer is Australia. Chile's currency is not traded in the forex market. But, the Australian dollar (AUD) is using in the forex trading currencies.

Copper began to decline after the crisis of 2008 was very hard and continued to rise until 2011. But after this, 2015, continued strong rise of the movement correction by the inability of always.

The correction in response to movements can be considered in commodities purchases, especially interest rate hike by the Fed in short if you take into consideration the possibility of the realization of move this year to open a transaction. The autumn months also started to strengthen towards the expectation of increasing interest. But the comments from the Fed every month or so unless he changes his mind about this and, especially, commodities, interest rate hikes from the decline shaped formations of our tracking doesn't seem to surprise.

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