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Oil is taking the first place in the most traded commodities list with more than a 14% market share, most of the investors preferred as an investment tool. One of the biggest reason is most lucrative investment vehicles in the energy, trade and Industry most important raw materials and because it is the most important product of international trade. For this reason, oil is defining as “black gold” in global markets.

Forex market became so popular among the most attractive investment tools. Oil trading, with the advantages of the forex market safer, more profitable and has become easier. With just an Internet connection with a computer or a mobile phone that connect and can be followed live on the market. Thus, the variable to be learned as a snapshot of oil prices due to short-term trading transactions were performed, and the gain can be obtained. Even do the operation with much more of the available capital by using leverage, and it is possible to obtain a lot more earnings. Despite only trading platforms in order to make the transaction, it is necessary to open real forex account.

Finally, we can say oil is the most preferred commodity of the world, so millions of traders from different countries are making buying – selling transactions on oil market under today’s changing world conditions all around the world. Before starting trading on oil market, you should determine your strategy and follow it to get profit.

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