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Wheat is using in industry and agriculture sectors in many countries all over the world today. In 2014, wheat production is expected due to the risk of drought in some danger of calculating prices as well as mentions. It was one of the negative impacts on wheat production declining rainfall rates, and therefore a complete estimate cannot be made about the prices.

The early signals which were taken in the summer season of 2014, showed us there will be a strong increase because of drought threat in production zones of the world. During the winter sown wheat, germination under snow is growing. But due to the scarcity of snow and rainfall this development has been reported to be negatively affected.

The general expectation on wheat prices is positive under today’s world market conditions. Recently, you can observe lots of traders purchasing stronger positions on wheat market because of these positive expectations. However, experts are warning about the wheat market, because this market has a higher volatility, so you can earn or lose a lot of money in a short time period in wheat market like other markets in the global forex market. By taking advantage of price fluctuations in the wheat that you will do instant trade, thanks to the transactional properties of the market portfolio represent a profitable varieties. Bidirectional operations, the system characteristics such as leverage, owing to high you can also make a profit by trading wheat.

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