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Company: Monecor LTD.

ETX Capital is a new Forex, CFD and spread betting broker, according to others, although it has made several name changes since its inception. As a matter of fact, this broker was known in 2008 as Tradition UK and TradeIndex until the last name ETX Capital. The firm's headquarters is in London and has a dynamic and rapidly evolving profile in recent years. In addition, ETX Capital has gained an extraordinary reputation by offering an unrivaled customer service to its customers, informed and compassionate by the support team and confidentiality pre-screened.

The ETX Capital name was chosen to reflect the company's expertise in electronic, telephone and stock market services. The origins of this spread betting broker date back to 1973. ETX Capital is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, is an important member of the London Stock Exchange and is a well-known investment brand of Monecor Ltd.

ETX Capital supports a platform that offers features that you can not find elsewhere in the sector. For example, you can open new spread bets with a single click with the One-Click Action feature. This feature is attractive to beginners or day-to-day investors. In addition, registered customers can spread bets on thousands of different asset classes with a single account. Generally, the company offers three main kinds of trading platforms for their customers. The main platforms are ETX Trader PRO, ETX MT4 and ETX Binary. So, you can choose what you want to manage your trading portfolio on the global forex market if you prefer Etxcapital.

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