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Xe.com is one of the most famous currency converters and financial sources of the world. We can say there are millions of users are getting benefits from the web site from different countries all over the world. The web site is providing the currency pairs and prices of the world. So, you can also find a lot of beneficial documentations on the web site.

The XE Currency application is an iOS application specifically designed for those who constantly have to keep track of exchange rates and want to make conversions between them. So you can see exchange rates, look at charts and make calculations on your iPhone and iPad devices.

By recording the latest updates during Internet connection, the program allows you to keep track of recent changes even when there is no connection. It has all the currencies in the world, and it can show currencies for the past and allows you to follow 10 different currencies at the same time.

In addition to this, you can update the rates by shaking your device, set the update interval, see the symbols, and perform the conversion operations on the last rates even when the internet is not available. The application, which I believe will be useful for anyone interested in finance, is free at the same time.

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