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At the last years, the global forex market has become the biggest market of the world. Today, global forex market has more than 7 trillion USD daily trading volume in different countries from six continents. We can observe the daily trading volume of global forex market overtook the market volume of many bigger stock markets like NYSE or NASDAQ. Because, the forex market is providing some major advantages to the traders who have intended to make buying – selling transactions on the market. The major advantages are liquid market structure and forex leverage. These concepts are making easier trading processes of forex traders all around the world under today’s world conditions.

How to start trading?

First of all, if you decide to make buying – selling transactions on the global forex market, you should learn the basics and fundaments of market structure. Demo accounts may be the best assistant for you which are offering generally free for the first time beginner traders globally. You may find a detailed article about demo accounts on our website. After learning the basics of global forex market, you will be ready to create a real forex account. With your account, you will be able to make all transactions are offered from your forex broker on the market with an internet connection and a computer (or a smart phone). After depositing money to your account balance, you can buy and sell currency pairs, commodities and other stocks on the market.

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