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Forex market is the biggest market of the world under today’s globalizing world conditions. The daily trading volume of forex market surpassed 7 trillion USD all around the world. So, it means there are different risk factors on the market. About 80% of forex traders are losing, only %20 of them are getting profit on the market. We can say the losing reasons are similar. Let’s take a look at them.
•    Inadequate Information
As you can imagine, the most frequently made mistakes at the beginning of insufficient market knowledge comes from. More than 7 trillion dollars traded daily around the market that we’re talking about a market is, the effective area is so larger on the world. The forex market ,contrary to the market, requires a lot more information.
•    Inadequate Training
Lack of training is one of the most important the errors are still very common. In fact, inadequate market information and lack of training is due to the same reasons. Not be able to dominate the market as a whole, begin to succumb to what that means.
•    Avoid Depending On The Strategy
If you determine a trading strategy, there will be less riskier conditions. Because, you know the limits of trading and other variables. 
•    Emotional Act
Don't be emotional we can implement the event in many ways, but in this market you can't be in with a chance. At every stage of emotion, forget it. Just use your logic, this is very serious.

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