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The EUR/CHF is one of the most important major currency pairs on the global forex market. But, we can say the November process was so fluctuating for the parity. The opening price level was 1.0811 at the beginning of the month and there were a lot of serious price movements during the month. With beginning November, the parity had lost value in first ten days, but after taking the results of USA Presidential Election and Trump’s surprising victory, the parity reached 1.0810 level again as the beginning of the month.

With the beginning of second part of November, the parity turned its direction to negative. At 15th November, the parity reached 1.0716 level with a strong value loss in a short time period. After 20th November, we could observe some recovery signals on ERU/CHF parity, but the general negative trend had affected the parity during the month. As the general expectation about December, there could be some positive trends observed especially in first and second weeks of December with forthcoming data from Fed interest increase and OPEC meeting.

Support levels : 1.0695
​Resistance levels : 1.0805

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