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We can say, stronger Dollar concept after Trump is creating sales pressure for precious mines. However, after Trump, Dollar is still under pressure, the worst-of-the-minute reaction to the precious mine, which could have been a double rate hike in 2017 after Yellen's announcement last week, limits the rise. On Monday, the price of Nymex crude oil broke down, climbing to the top of the last 3 weeks with a sharp rise. Besides the daily 'buy-sells', low gold prices seemed to appeal to some physical markets, but it was reported that Russia recorded the most gold purchases in 18 years’ time in October. In the last days of November session, he breathed into the investor as gold rose above 1215 USD/ounce and moved a little further than the critical level of 1200 USD/ounce.

The dollar index had recovered from the 1204 level by withdrawing from the peak level seen after 13 years in attendance. It is possible to say that technical corrections and profit realizations have come for gold that we can say that we have recovered some of our losses.

Resistance levels : 1224 – 1230
​Support levels : 1218 – 1210

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