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The positive trend was so effective on USD/JPY market at the last month. The USD/JPY parity maintains its trend on the 110.00 support level. Asian markets have a positive outlook with the finishing of November. In the US, the agenda is quite calm nowadays. On the other hand, while the USD continues to maintain its strong trend in global markets, the USD index is breathing below 101 today. This hesitation on the dollar seems to have paused for the uninterrupted rise of the USD/JPY parity. Looking at the Fed's expectations for interest rate hikes, the odds for all the meetings to be held until the end of 2017 are set at 100%. This helps to protect the position of USD against many Asian currencies.

Technically, the USD / JPY pair keeps its course on the rising channel. Technical indicators continue to move above the overbought territory on a daily basis. This signals us that parity is breathing on the 110.00 level.

Support level : 110.35 / 109.60
​Resistance level : 111.35 / 111.85

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