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The USD/CHF market has experienced a fluctuating trend during the year of 2016. The starting point was 0.9951 in the beginning of year for USD/CHF parity. For the last days of the year, the parity tested over the 1.0000 level, and it is continuing its positive trend recently.

The USD / CHF pair has tried to move upwards in the past week but has not been successful in exceeding the 1.0200 resistance. This time the parity that has been defeated from the press has turned the direction to the south and tested the 1.0066 support. Last week's deliveries from the United States continued to strengthen the belief that the country's economy performed well in the last quarter - economic activity, housing market, consumer confidence and the employment market will not convince the US Central Bank to raise interest rates this month. If the price level signs the closing at 1.0200 which blocked the road last week, the test of 1.0250 will come to the agenda. If the bulls are victorious over the battle there, 1.0328 will be designated as the new target.

Finally, as a 2017 forecasts about USD/CHF market, the support level will be 0.9750 and the resistance level will be 1.0300 for the first weeks of new year.

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