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The Mexican Peso have experienced a negative year against the American Dollar. The USD/MXN parity started 17.93 level at the beginning of 2016, and the closing point was at 21.11 level at the end of year. We could observe a serious value loss on Mexican Peso, on the other hand we can say American Dollars gained value against Mexican Peso. Especially, after the surprising victory of Trump in US Presidential Election, and after announcing his policies about Mexican market and other external markets, we could observe a serious value loss of Mexican Peso against some different currency pairs which are traded on the global forex market.​

The market has allowed for the fluctuation of the falling Peso by exaggerating too much of Donald Trump's true intentions about Mexico, and even his ability to move on to end trade with this country. In the meantime, Canada may be suffering because high-interest rates have started a credit crunch in the housing sector. Canadian banks may be subservient to force the Central Bank of Canada to enter the monetary expansion mode and inject capital into the financial system. In addition, CAD may be inadequately performing due to the ongoing vacancy due to the globalization of Canada's manufacturing base and an extremely strong currency for many years, as Canada is much less likely to enjoy the revival of growth in the US than in the past. The CAD/MXN can be down to 30 % of the highest level of 2016 units.

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