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The GBP/USD parity is one of the most important major currency pairs of the world. Because, this parity gives important signals about both European and American economies. In the first half of the month of March, the parity experienced a strong negative trend because of stronger Dollar and Brexit discussions. Following the BoE meeting, the strengthening interest rate expectation continues to support the rise in Sterling. The Bank of England did not change its interest rate and asset purchasing schedule after the March meeting. The decree issued after the meeting indicated that the recession experienced in domestic demand during this year and the low real income increase continue to affect the course of the general economy.

Finally, when we look at the technical analysis of GBP/USD parity, resistance levels of 1.2400, 1.2450 and 1.2500 can be followed in the ascendancy. Possible, 1.2300, 1.2275 and 1.2200 support levels can be monitored in case of a decrease.

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