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When we look at the general analysis of USD/CHF parity for February, we can observe a positive atmosphere. The starting point was at the 0.99 level at the beginning of the month and reached above the 1.00 level with the second half of the month. This parity is one of the safest currency pairs in the global forex market and many traders prefer it in the turbulent and unexpected time periods. Nowadays, unpredictable conditions are continuing in world economies, and we can say it’s the main reason of an increase in USD/CHF parity during February.

Positive CPI figures from the US strengthen the likelihood of interest rate hikes, but uncertainties about Trump's policy are making it difficult to raise demand for the USD. On the other hand, the fact that European stock exchanges remain in negative territory is causing investors to turn to investment instruments, such as the CHF, which are regarded as safe havens. Finally, the first forecasts of USD/CHF market for March 2017 will be a bit horizontal. The support level will be 0.9985 and the resistance level will be 1.0120 for the USD/CHF market.

Support level : 0.9985
Resistance level : 1.0120

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