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At the last months of this year, the EUR/CHF parity had experienced very hard times. Since the beginning of the month of March, with both red mentioned that occurred in the rise of the channel 34 - had the support of 89 period exponential moving averages. At the beginning of march, the parity reached to 1,1092 level with a strong increase. Until the beginning of June, everything was continuing as positively on EUR/CHF market. Also, the parity decreased to 1,0800 level at the end of July. The market felt sales pressure deeply during the summer. In 12th July, there was a congestion movement and the global markets are affected by positive developments. 

Furthermore, we have experienced a fluctuated process in August. The opening level was 1,0811 and the closing level was 1,0979. There was a profitable trend, but there was a serious sales pressure. After the positive closing for EUR / CHF market, the parity decreased to the support level at the first week closing of September with the 1,0902 price level. In 22th September, the parity decreased to 1,0857 level after a fluctuated period on the global forex market. At the end of September, we can observe the 1,0940 level.

Expectations about October : As a general resistance level, the parity may try to follow 1,1015 level and the support level will be 1,0895. The general expectation will be positive during the October.

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