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The USD/CHF parity is determining the value of USD, according to Swiss Frank. As the largest and most productive economy in the world, the US still has the most stable economy in the world refers to the relative value of the currencies of the dollar and the Swiss Frank. Switzerland, large gold reserves in possession of the treasure, as well as stable financial structure and a neutral political stance, the Swiss Frank have enabled to be accepted as the world's reserve currency. Throughout the history, the Swiss Frank has been seen as a safe harbor by investors.

Among the factors that influence the currency pair of USD / CHF, there are declarations of FED and Switzerland Central bank, the FOMC meeting reports, growth rate non-farm payrolls, and the unemployment rate basic economic data such as retail sales facility. With rich gold reserves, the Swiss Central Bank is supporting Swiss Frank. In the case of the rise of gold, with the increasing value of gold, the USD / CHF parity will lose value on the global forex market. 

September was a fluctuating month for the USD / CHF parity. The parity started with 0,9845 level and closed with the 0,9707 level. The general trend can be observed as negative during the September. The starting level was the highest point of the parity and the parity never reached to 0,9845 level during the month.

Expectations of October : If you are looking at the moving averages method, there will be some positive scenarios. But, as technically there may be a fluctuating and horizontal period again during the October. The supporting level will be 0,9715 and the resistance level will be 0,9815 during the first days of October.

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