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Silver market has become an important investment tool at the forex market at the last years. According to many investor, silver market was the substitute market of gold. But, today we can say, silver market has become a bit independent from the global gold market. So, there are different basics and dynamics of silver market under today’s globalizing world conditions.
July and August are the brightest months of silver market in the last two years. The parity reached 20,44 USD level at the end of July. As a result of that, many traders started to demand silver more than the past, so the prices are continuing to stay higher resistance levels. At the beginning of September, the parity decreased to 18,94 level. 

Expectations about September :
The general expectation about September 2016 will be horizontal – negative. At the last days of last month, the parity tried to cling 19,00 USD level, but didn’t manage it. So, nowadays the parity is trading at under the 19,00 resistance level. The main support levels will be 18,95 , 18,90 and 18,75 on the silver market.

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