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In the global world, the Asian markets started to focus on the Chinese data which were announced yesterday. Firstly the PMI index of China reached 52.2 points in the month of March. According to the first evaluation of this data, it may cause a downward movement in the Chinese economy for a while. If we think that the recent announcement of industrial output in China is showing an optimistic picture, we think that concerns about the country's economy will be back for a while. However, the most important agenda of the last days stands out as the summit between China and the US. The results that are expected to last for two days are of political and economic significance. At this point it will not be surprising to see a change in the risk perception of the markets.

On the other hand, the FOMC meeting minutes are announced yesterday.The rate of interest increased by 25 basis points in March meeting. According to the minutes, the most important subject of the meeting was Fed balance. The main issue of the meeting was also decreasing the amount of balance because it reached the highest level. As a general opinion, the Fed will increase interest rates during this year.

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