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According to the Central Bank of Japan, domestic producer prices rose by 0.2 % monthly. According to the finance specialists, there is a positive atmosphere on the producer side of Japan economy at the last times. In detail, export prices rose by 3.7 % month on month to 0.3 %. The increase in import prices was realized as 12.5 % per annum on a monthly basis. We understand that the contribution of imported prices to inflation continues. Another noteworthy statement about BoJ was bank loans. Bank loans grew by 3.0 % yearly  while large banks' loans grew by 2.4 % to 210 trillion Japanese yen.

Following the opening of the US session yesterday, the USD/JPY parity tumbled strongly with the move in the market. The safe currency Japanese Yen sees as a safe harbor. The GBP/USD pair, which was unveiled yesterday in Britain, did not react after the inflation data and started today with an increase in the number of days. Finally, when we look at the oil market, the weekly inventory figures will be released by the International Energy Agency in the US today, and it may lead to an increase in volatility in oil prices.


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