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Head economist of Bank of Singapure (Bos) Richard Jerram told that there are three situations which can block interest rate hike, and these situations are winning elections of U.S.A by Trump, extreme fluctuations in markets, and data of employment carry out under one thousand hundred. Jerram “ U.S.A  non-farm payrolls data came true approximately 178 thousand as monthly. A data range of 150-200 thousand will bring Fed to a comfortable situation. A data, which is under one hundred thousand, can be a worrying reason for Fed “.  Jerram reminded that a possible chaos can affect on policy of Fed, and the Central Bank prepare to interest rate hike before volatility which caused by impelling the investors to reconsider. The head economist of BOS, “  Victory of Trump might increase volatility of market. Increasing of trade barriers in a aggressive way has a risk about recessioning, and goverments might not have policy instruments which will give an answer to this recession in this condition. This condition will affect U.S.A. Increase in price of import will damage expenditure power of consumers”.

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