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When we look at the world economy, there is a strong momentum lose in the Asian side. Especially, in the developing countries of Asia, the markets are pricing the uncertainity because of elections and some other problems. First of all, Indonesian Rupee has been experiencing for the biggest drop since March 9, while the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose 2 basis points. The Jakarta stock market started to lose momentum and the election in the country was a negative surprise for stock investors.

The Philippine peso also strained on the fourth day. Vice President of the Central Bank announced that they expect to recover the investments. While South Korea Won fall, 10-year treasuries also tapered. Taiwanese Dollar and Taiwan Stock Exchange did not change much. In Thailand, 10-year treasuries fell on the third day, but the Baht did not show a strong price movement. Japan's exports made the fastest increase in over two years in last month. This contributed to moderate economic recovery in a weak domestic demand environment. Finally, Asian stocks appreciated after oil rebounded the sharp decline and better than expected foreign trade data in Japan boosted optimism about global economy.

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