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Exchange and currency of developing country fell on the second day with improvement about presidential election in U.S decrease demand of high proceeds properties. If presidential candidate Donald Trump is selected in U.S, worries about terminating commercial agreements with some countries affects  this decreasing. While Exchange and currency of South Korean decreases, Exchange of Philippine dropped behind on eighth day. MSCI devoloping markets index dropped to %1. This is the biggest decrease since October 13. Index is progressing under approximately %4 of it’s summit of this year. South Korean expanded loss of proceeds. President Park Geun-hye have assigned a new prime minister and a new finance minister after he was mentioned as a cheater.

While KOSPI index was dropping back on fourth day, won fell at the lowest level with %1.1 downfall since July 14. Exchange of Philippine have  tested the lowest level since May. ABC News / Washington Post’s survey shows that Republican Presidential Candidate Trump is one point ahead from Clinton in Presidential race. Trump said that when he would be president, he would review some trade agreements including U.S.A and Mexican.

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