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Euro zone is pricing the data from construction sector in Europe. According to the data from Euro Zone today,the construction activity declined by 6.2 % in January compared to the same period of the previous year and recorded the fastest decline since March 2013. When we look at the first actions to this data, there will be a bit negative trend expected. When we look at the details of the report, we see that the sector slows down in Germany and France where the elections will take place in the near future. As a general approach, every elections may cause an atmosphere of uncertainity in the regional economies. 

Another data announced today in the Euro area is the trade balance. In January, foreign trade deficit stood at 0.6 billion Euro, the worst performance since 2013. The main reason for the first trade deficit since January 2014 is that the rate of increase in imports is higher than the rate of increase in exports. Following European data, investors will be following the leading consumer confidence index for March to be announced today in the US. 

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