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FED New York Branch Office President William Dudley said that FED would be softer about the interest increase issue in the near future. The timing concept of interest decision by FED is playing an important role on world economies. Many economists commented that FED have to get the interest decision at the right time because if they wait too long, inflation may rise strongly in a short time. In addition, like the real estate crisis, there may occur risky bubbles. If the Fed is hasty, it can drag the economy into recession. After that, central banks are playing a key role on world economies. European Central Bank will discuss the issue of monetary expansion in October 20. At the same day, Trump and Clinton will debate in the USD about presidantial election. China's growth figures are also important. On the other hand, with the closing markets at the last Friday, the gold prices reduced strongly to 1,251.60 USD level on the market. The FED decision will be so crucial about the near future of Gold market.

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