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At the May meeting, the Federal Reserve kept interest rates at 0.75-1.00 per cent as expected. The bank, which was announced after the meeting, stressed that the first quarter slowdown in the economy was temporary. It is also believed that the yearly inflation target has been approached and there is no problem on this side. The bank's view also includes strong bases for moderate growth and consumption in household spending. According to the financial specialists in the global forex market, the interest increase possibility will be so high during the month of June. The next Fed meeting will be held on June 13 and 14. 

After the decision, the Dollar index retreated to near the limit of 99.00. The April non-manufacturing industry index rose 57.5 points yesterday. The steady rise in the employment market during the 2016-year period led to an improvement in the financial situation of households and an increase in confidence in the service sector. Finally, if we look at the big picture of American economy which affets many different commodities and currency pairs in the market, we can say the possible interest increase decision by Fed will be pricing in the global markets during the month of June.

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