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In this week, we can say the global markets are pricing less risky atmosphere when compared to last week. After Fed's decision and positive expectations about American economy, the traders avoid to take higher amounts of risks in the global economies.When we look at today, the market expectation for February ongoing housing sales to be announced in the US is expected to decline by 2.3 %. Another important development that we will continue to follow closely is the rapid decline in stock market. Here we can say that Trump politics and expectations about tax incentives are influential. With all these developments, the Dollar Index has also fallen below 100.00. Due to the question marks of Trump's promised tax incentives, US stock markets have made the fastest decline since September of 2016. Gold and Yen, which are safe ports, have risen with increasing demand. When we arrive today, it may come to the end of the movement that we can define as escape from the beginning and starting from yesterday. However, short-term indicators point to correction, indicating that volatility in the markets may be lower than before.

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