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We can observe that the global markets are waiting the important decisions of Fed meeting tonight. In the global market, the traders are following the Fed meeting, which is expected to raise interest rate decisions. While European equities fell from its eleven month high and the USD retreated, the country's stocks gained value. Crude oil was withdrawn with the increase in oil inventories in the US, according to the private sector's statement. In the year 2016, the Fed postponed the interest rate hikes, first with the instability in the Chinese market, followed by the UK Brexit results, and by Donald Trump in surprise election to the presidency of the US policy makers preferring to wait. The US central bank is expected to raise borrowing costs at the current meeting, with the new President Trump expecting to boost fiscal stimulus to support economic growth and turning attention away again to governments. As a general expectation, the interest increase decision may reach to 25 base points on the market.

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