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Selling pressure in global share debenture continued in Asia according as growing concern about U.S.A elections. Japan, Swiss frank and gold, gained value because new investors head for safe-haven . Asia Pasific Index carried out the fast loss in the last month after Standard % Poor’s 500 index fell into the lowest level yesterday since July. While Yen was increasing to the hisghest level in a new month and goverment securities gained value almost in the whole of Asia, Swiss frank and gold was worked at the almost highest level. Oil continued to decrease on the fourth day after data which shows of increasing stocks.Dollar of New Zeland gained value in consequence that strong employment data reduces expectations about reduction of interest, show that Presidential Candidate Trump is one point ahead from his opponant democrat Clinton. This survey makes deepen worries about to reopen investigation for allegations that used special server by Clinton during in his Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the other hand, Fed’s policy meeting, which continuing for 2 days, will be over in Wednesday. Some analysts think that if Trump can be succesful in the elections, possibility of interest increase, which will be made by Fed, will decrease.

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