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According to the financial specialists, the global markets started pricing the possible results of referendum in Turkey about the constitutional amendment package which will be held on Sunday. The parity of USD/TL is following the between the level of 3.60 and 3.65 with the beginning of today.Yesterday began at 3.6970, with the expectation of a referendum gradually declining to 3.65, US President Donald Trump's "Dollar is getting stronger" statements after testing 3.65. Experts say the prospect of 'yes' in the referendum on Sunday is causing the positive weather in the market.

On the other hand, another important point is the latest developments of Asian markets. Exports in China last month showed the fastest increase in the last two years, along with global demand growth. Imports, on the other hand, showed a modest increase following the rise in February due to holiday season. As a result, foreign trade surplus increased. The experts declared that the expansion in foreign trade would probably slow down in the second quarter. In the statement made with the data, officials noted that foreign trade was "strong and stable" in the first quarter, but that data did not show the whole picture for 2017.


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