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In contrast to yesterday's calendar, there will be a busy calendar today for the world economies.First of all, global markets focus on the elections in the Netherlands today. It is important that we will see the election year for Europe in 2017 and the strength of the populist movement is increasing in the Netherlands like many European countries. Due to the crisis that we have experienced with Turkey last weekend, this election is also the front-line in the domestic market. However, according to recent polls, the number of votes of the Wilders has risen and the establishment of the government in the country can take a long time.

On the other hand, the most important data will be inflation figures in February for the American side. According to the experts, there will be no suprising movement in the FOMC meeting today.Therefore, the interest rate increase by 25 basis points, which is a price in the futures market, will not the main focus for global investors. The Dollar index may be expected to appreciate if the interest rate increase expectation of members increases to 4 times from 3 times for 2017. Otherwise, the experts think that the global markets will be relaxed after this meeting.

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