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When we look at the latest developments of market, we can observe the military intervention of the USA to Syria which was the most important development for the world. The US hit military bases in Syria in the morning, causing the risk appetite to decline in the markets. If we look at the economic side of this development, the developing country currencies started to lose value. After the military intervention, Russia demanded to held a meeting of United Nations. According to the financial specialists, the relationship between the USA and Russia can experience hard times in near future. Another important development that will affect the diplomatic market is the two-day conversation between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

On the other hand, we will continue with the developments of European economy. Economic data throughout the Euro area has been positive since the last quarter of last year. However, policy makers are bothered by the rise in inflation due to energy costs instead of demand growth. Upcoming French elections may lead to a loss of momentum in the economy by increasing uncertainties over the next two months. When we look at the PMI, which is announced today in Europe, we see that the retail sector is entering the contraction process throughout the region. However, in Germany, we can observe a recovery on both construction and retail sectors in March.

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