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Global markets focus on the Fed President Janet Yellen's speech today. According to the specialists in the global forex market, Fed members continues their cautious atmosphere nowadays. There are some important data released yesterday in the USA and we will follow another data today. House sales were the lowest in five months in February, according to a US survey released yesterday. Second-hand housing sales declined by 3.7 % in the same period.In recent days, Trump's promises of tax incentives have influenced the Dollar Index. Today, investors will follow FED President Janet Yellen, who will speak. Two other important data come out as new housing sales in February with weekly unemployment benefits applications.

The terrorist attack in the UK was the most important occasion at yesterday. For a while, the concept of terrorism was not on the agenda,but terror showed its ugly face in the UK. Developments in the offensive against the parliament building may have an effect on Sterling during the day. February retail sales data will be released today.

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