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When we look at the general outlook of this week in the EU side, inflation shows its affect on European economies. We can say Germany is one of the most important productive economies of the European market. According to the latest data, in Germany, the imported product price index recorded the highest increase of last 5 years. According to the announcement today, the index rose by 0.7 % month on month in February and by 7.4 % compared to the same period of the previous year. This is positive for the Euro as it shows that inflationary pressure has increased in the economy as a whole.

In Italy, the Consumer Confidence Index rose by 107.6 points in March, revealing an optimistic picture. Although the current situation index loses momentum, the increase in the economic expectation index in the mentioned period may support the increase in household consumption expenditures. On the other hand, Brexit process is the main issue of European economies. After that, attention will be given at the European Parliament meeting scheduled for April 29th. During the negotiations expected to start after the meeting, volatility in the sterling and the Euro may increase.

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