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In the United States, the April non-farm employment data increased by 211 thousand. The unemployment rate was surprisingly down to 4.4 % for the month of April.But in general the employment report is certainly positive with the monthly increase in April and the lowest unemployment rate in last ten years. The cause of the market reaction was also behind the non-farm payrolls data, and now it was time to continue to price the elections in France and the improving Europe.

When we look at the gold market, French elections in the European region, delayed reforms in the US, and increased geopolitical risks have allowed gold prices to test the 1,300 USD limit in April. The global markets started to pricing of Macron's victory in the second round of French elections which will be held on next Sunday. Also, the local elections in Germany and the strong position of Merkel is the other reason of strong Euro in the global forex market at the last times. According to the forex professionals, the positive atmosphere of Euro will continue if there will be no surpise in the elections of Euro zone.

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