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At the last times, the concept of confidence index is playing an important role about the determinant factors of many economies. Turkey, is one of the most important developing economies of the world under today's global conditions. We started to observe there are a lot of incentives for foreign investors which were provided by the government. Yesterday, the Turkish Statistical Institute has published sectoral confidence index data for March. According to the report, the service sector confidence index rose by 4.4 % in the period to 96.9 points. When we look at the sub-indices of the service sector, we see that they are all recovering. At this point, expectations of demand growth may be expected to reflect on the employment conditions of the sector.

The weakest performing index will be retail trade sector during the month of March. The index reached 97.7 points by increasing a bit. We can also define this as the increasing political and economic uncertainties leading to a slowdown in consumption. In addition, the construction sector recorded a strong recovery in the mentioned period. In March, the construction industry confidence index rose by 12.3 % to 85.8 points. Nowadays, we will follow the IFO survey from European countries.

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