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According to the latest data, the growth data of the USA came over the expectations. The data shows the American economy showed a growth by 2.1 % in the last quarter of last year. Thus, the data exceeded both the previous forecast and the market expectation. Personal consumption expenditures also gained momentum with an increase of 3.5 % in the same period. Today's announced growth figures are important for showing that the recovery in the US economy is continuing. The weekly unemployment rate was over 258 thousand people.

When we look at the European side, we can observe that the Consumer Price Index rose 0.2 % month-on-month in March, according to leading figures released today in Germany. The data remained below market expectations and lost momentum compared to the previous turnaround.When we gather all these data together, we can say that inflationist pressure is decreasing. The weakening of confidence indexes may have limited economic impact. On the other hand, according to today's announcement in Japan; the unemployment rate fell to 2.8 % in February.

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