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Yesterday, France have completed the first round of presidential elections. According to the results of the first round of presidential elections held on April 23, Emmanuel Macron will be the first with 23,75% of the vote in the second round, and Marine Le Pen will be the second with 21,53%. The second round of elections to be held in two stages will be held on May 7th. There are 11 candidates and it is not seen as a definite determinant for the first round election result. In France, which has 45 million registered voters, Marine Le Pen's views on immigration, especially in the media, are being discussed extensively.

After the first results of French elections, the Euro gained value against all major currencies at first, but the Euro currencies started to retreat with starting new day.On the other hand, the election of Le Pen and France's involvement with the European Union will start to be questioned, so the region's currency will be negative for "Euro". If France decides to go ahead with Macron, the political pressure on the Euro will largely be lifted. The European Central Bank and the Japanese Central Bank are organizing their meeting on thursday. Both Central Banks are not expected to make any changes in interest rate policy. However, the answers to be received from the Presidents at the press conference are important, but most traders are especially wondering how the impact of Draghi will be on the Euro this time.


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