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The European Central Bank published the “Professional Forecasters Report”, there will be revisions on Euro Zone inflation, growth and unemployment expectations. The report is covering the fourth quarter of the year, Euro zone inflation expectations dropped by 0,3%  to 0,2% in 2016. Also, for 2018 expectations, Euro zone inflation expectations dropped by 1,5% to 1,4%. On the other hand, the report declared the inflation expectation will be 1,2% for 2017 year and long-term inflation expectations will be 1,8% until the end of 2021. There can be observed some changes in the unemployment rate in the region. The unemployment rate expectations of Euro zone dropped by 9,5% to 9,3% for the year of 2018. Also, the expectation of unemloyment rate for 2021 updated as 8,7% according to the result of this survey.

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